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What Is The Meaning Of Love? Find out Meaning Of Love

by Altaf Shaikh
meaning of love

Find The Meaning Of Love?

What Is The Meaning Of Love?

The Meaning Of Love In English,

The meaning of love is an intense feeling of deep affection towards someone. It is a broader term by itself.

meaning of love

The psychological meaning of love is as: The intense emotion which is felt by a person which makes him do all the activities he doesn’t like and has deep intense emotion and affection and is purely attached to someone is called love.

It can also be like a deep pleasure or interest in something or someone. It can be for anything, a person, a pen, etc. Love also means to have a kind of fondness about something or someone which makes him or her attracted towards something or someone.


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What Are The Synonyms Of Love?

Synonyms Of Love Are:

  • affection
  • like

Synonyms Of Love

What Are The Antonyms Of Love?

Antonyms Of Love Are:

  • hate
  • dislike
  • loathe

Antonyms Of Love

What Are The Related Words Of Love?

Related Words Of Love Are:

  • passion
  • adore
  • romance
  • devotion
  • enjoy

Related Words Of Love

What Is The Noun Form Of Love?

Noun Form Of Love Is:

  • Love

What Is The Verb Form Of Love?

Verb Form Of Love Is:

  • liking
  • loving

What Is The Adjective Of Love?

Adjective Of Love Is:

  • loved

Examples Of Using The Word Love Are:

  1. He lost his contract, so he was living with loved ones.
  2. He had loved a songster, but he had married the farmer’s daughter.
  3. After all, they had familiar and loved each other for a long time.
  4. She and dad would have loved Jack.
  5. Not only because she loved him, but also because she blindly trusted him.
  6. I was familiar with Martha had her days when I could have murdered her but I loved her too.
  7. Dusty stared at him, sensing how much he loved his brother and how incapacitated he was by his own actions.
  8. How could anyone who loved so rigorously be blameworthy of the things she suspected?
  9. She told me she thought she loved Giga, but at the same time, she was having Harrie probe him.
  10. She knew little about Babette except that she loved him.
  11. While she truly loved nursing, she too celebrated in our accomplishments, second only to her embryonic child.
  12. Bubby loved celebrating in it and it satisfied my needs, the wine did the trick and, I was hungry and the food perceived good.
  13. He loved poetry and soon also began to write poems of his own.


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