What Is The Meaning Of Academy? Find Out Meaning Of Academy.

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Academy Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Academy?

What Is The Meaning Of Academy?

The Meaning Of Academy In English,

The meaning of the academy is that it is a place of study or training in a special field.

In other words, the term academy can also be defined as an organization intended to protect and develop art, science, language, etc., or a school that teaches a particular subject or trains people for a particular job.

The term academy is also sometimes used in the names of secondary schools and colleges, or private high schools in the United States. Academy also appears in the names of some societies formed to improve or maintain standards in a particular field.

We can also replace the term academy by other words such as educational institutions, training establishment, center of learning, etc. We can also say that the academy is an institution of secondary education, higher learning, research, or honorary membership.

The word academy comes from ancient Greece, which is derived from the Athenian hero, Akademos.

The worldwide group composed of professors and researchers at the institutes of higher learning is called Academia. The term academy is used widely today to refer to anything from schools to learned societies to funding agencies to private industry associations.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Academy?

Synonyms Of Academy Are:

  • school
  • college
  • academe
  • institute

What Are The Antonyms Of Academy?

Antonyms Of Academy Are:

Not Available The Antonyms Of Academy

What Are The Related Words Of Academy?

Related Words Of Academy Are:

  • learned society
  • education
  • conservatoire
  • circle
  • university

What Is The Noun Form Of Academy?

Noun Form Of Academy Is:

  • Academy

What Is The Verb Form Of Academy?

Verb Form Of Academy Is:

Not Available The Verb Form Of Academy

What Is The Adjective Of Academy?

Adjective Of Academy Is:

  • academic

Examples Of Using The Word Academy Are:

  1. Whether it is a guidance academy or whatever, is a matter for others, I except.
  2. There was an immense round of acclamation when the juniors from the academy took to the stage.
  3. The story initiates in the Gascon village of Bern in 1625 with Dogtanian beginning his journey to Paris to get into the academy.
  4. They omit the hardness of the academy for something more natural and less fulfilling.
  5. He is of Kosovar descent but was born in Belgium and came through the Anderlecht academy before abandoning for England.
  6. Her uncle cut off all relations with her parents, who assisted her resolution to enter the academy.
  7. He declared that I must be the last person in the lawful academy who clutches to this anachronistic view.
  8. All three came to the bench from advocating, not from judging or the academy.
  9. The 3000 students the academy will be able to take will also learn animal husbandry and crop cultivation to assist themselves out of penury.
  10. The expert resigned from the officer and dogged to leave the academy on his own.
  11. The academy sponsored poverty-stricken exiles and gave a voice to an immense community of intellectuals dispersed across the globe.


What Is An Example Of Academy?

a secondary or high school, especially a private one: My daughter goes to a very exclusive academy in Chicago. a school or college for special instruction or training in a subject: a military academy.

What Is The Best Description About Academy?

An academy is a fancy school, often one devoted to one subject or discipline, such as music or science. You can also use academy to describe the world of higher learning.

What Happens When A School Becomes An Academy?

An academy receives their funding directly from the government – rather than filtered through a local authority like a “traditional” state funded school. This means that an academy is directly accountable to the Department for Education. They are however, still inspected by Ofsted.

What Makes Something An Academy?

An academy (Attic Greek: Ἀκαδήμεια; Koine Greek Ἀκαδημία) is an institution of secondary or tertiary higher learning (and generally also research or honorary membership).

What Is The Difference Between An Academy And An Institute?

However, while institutes are more common in the sphere of education and research, academies are used more to refer to bodies or associations of likeminded people such as academies of writers and scientist. Academy is also prominently used for armed forces and defense institutions.

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