What Is The Meaning Of Savage? Find Out Meaning Savage

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Savage Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Savage?

What Is The Meaning Of Savage?

The Meaning Of Savage In English,

The meaning of Savage is uncontrolled. Describing an animal as savage means that it is right to its wild, ferocious nature, but if you represent a person or the actions of a person as Savage, it means “cruel” or “brutal.”

the word “savage” was used by the writers and commentators to describe those humans or mythical humanoid creatures that looked grotesque, would roam about in little to no clothing, would eat raw meat, would grunt and make sounds but not talk,

were not touched by the faintest rays of civilisation, had no sense of hygiene, lived like animals, were violent, dangerous, ferocious and quarrelsome or withdrawn, timid, reclusive and shy. Either way, they were believed to be intellectually impeded and with deformed bodies.

In a way, they were thought to be just like animals or more like half-way between animals and humans, say, like the cavemen. There was supposedly no redeeming quality about them.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Savage?

Synonyms Of Savage Are:

  • wild
  • brutal
  • barbarous
  • barbaric
  • cruel

What Are The Antonyms Of Savage?

Antonyms Of Savage Are:

  • kind
  • civilized
  • kindhearted

What Are The Related Words Of Savage?

Related Words Of Savage Are:

  • brutish
  • inhuman
  • fierce
  • ferocious
  • violent

What Is The Noun Form Of Savage?

Noun Form Of Savage Is:

  • savages

What Is The Verb Form Of Savage?

Verb Form Of Savage Is:

  • savaged

What Is The Adjective Of Savage?

Adjective Of Savage Is:

  • savage

Examples Of Using The Word Savage Are:

  1. Both couples hurt in unhappy marriages, and they allocate their issues through denial, deceit, and savage personal attacks.
  2. Ten strangers with secrets are brought together in a savage rainstorm in the mystery thriller recognize.
  3. Then he tells her of his wild stories of the savage barbarian Conan, and she sees the fire in his eyes.
  4. We had an awful perception of savage raiders destroying sacred idols, throwing them around with brutal glee.
  5. I saw the transformation take place, the peaceful exterior to the violent, savage beast.
  6. The young men, blazing savage children of a gentle civilized mother, a butcher with neither mercy nor pity.
  7. I recall a few times, standing in wonder after a savage take, execrating while I retrieved a flyless leader.
  8. These vicious and savage warriors literally consisted of Jutes, Friesians, Angles, and Saxons.
  9. Moderately this captivating dancer converted into multiple savage creatures.
  10. But we were in for a rude activation when a savage thunder and lightning storm struck right over the stadium during the match.
  11. Attackers are going to savage this film out of respect to Gabriel and that’s not really fair.
  12. Their rummage made a general report, when, sinking on his wounded limb, part of the body of the savage came into the field of vision.


What Is The Real Meaning Of Savage?

: not domesticated or under human control : untamed. savage beasts. : lacking the restraints normal to civilized human beings : fierce, ferocious. a savage criminal. : wild, uncultivated.

What Do You Call A Savage Person?

“a savage people” synonyms: barbarian, barbaric, uncivilised, uncivilized, wild noncivilised, noncivilized.

What Is An Example Of Savage?

He looked like he’d been savaged by a wild animal. A hurricane savaged the city. The newspapers savaged his reputation.

Is Being Savage A Good Thing?

It can be used in terms of an insult. If someone insults you and you come up with a great comeback, and insult them even more than they insulted you, someone might say. That was savage. So, it’s a positive thing you might say.

Is Savage A Vulgar Word?

When applied to human beings, it means cruel, aggressive or vicious. So, it is very negative. As a noun, a savage means “a member of a people regarded as primitive and uncivilized”, and is thus very offensive.

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