What Is The Meaning Of Acknowledgement? Find Out The Meaning Of Acknowledgement.

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Acknowledgement Meaning & Definition

What Is The Meaning Of Acknowledgement?

What Is The Meaning Of Acknowledgement?

The meaning of acknowledgement refers to the factor acceptance of the truth or existence of something. It is a statement or action which recognizes that something exists or a way of giving recognition or favourable notice of an act or achievement received.

It is thus, a way of giving credit or props. Acknowledgement means accepting that something is true or right. The meaning of acknowledgement is an expression of an appreciation for assistance in creating a unique work.

Synonyms of acknowledgement:

  • acceptance
  • admission
  • affirmation
  • assent
  • assertion
  • concession
  • confession
  • confirmation
  • corroboration
  • realization
  • recognition
  • accession
  • acquiescence
  • allowance
  • avowal
  • compliance
  • conceding
  • concurrence
  • declaration
  • profession
  • ratification

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Examples Of Using The Word Acknowledgement Are:

  1. Everyone likes a bit of identification or acknowledgment, and a bit of self-esteem was never a bad thing.
  2. Because they lean to be sympathetic and sensitive, they respond best to personal identification and acknowledgment.
  3. He never invaded a carriage but stood on the outside platform, and though he wouldn’t wave back, he always nodded in acknowledgment.
  4. Did they notice my excellent work record and give me the appreciation and acknowledgment I earn?
  5. The driver bowed in acknowledgment and a further 30 seconds of quietness passed before he spoke again.
  6. A few fans called to them, but they gave no acknowledgment of these felicitations.
  7. He doesn’t say a word, merely bowing in acknowledgment of Stephen’s felicitations.
  8. I don’t think I said anything in reply, but I bowed my head, I think, in acknowledgment.
  9. Apart from an official acknowledgment of receipt of the letters, government sources stayed quiet.
  10. This was an acknowledgment of his letter and a note that a further reply would be issued at the earliest chance.
  11. Her parents say they have still not received an acknowledgment or a response.
  12. She said Commissioner Noel Conroy replied with an acknowledgment that he collected her file, but there was no further comment.


What Do We Mean By Acknowledgement?

: the act of acknowledging something or someone. acknowledgment of a mistake. : recognition or favorable notice of an act or achievement. received acknowledgment for his charitable works. : a thing done or given in recognition of something received.

What Does Act Of Acknowledgement Mean?

1) To accept, recognize, confirm, or admit the existence or truth of something. 2) To validate an identity or claim. 3) To authenticate an instrument or writing by declaration or statement under oath by the person who executes the instrument or writing, in the presence of a notary, officer, or other impartial party.


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