What Is The Meaning Of TBH? Find Out Meaning Of TBH.

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TBH Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of TBH?

What Is The Meaning Of TBH?

The Meaning Of TBH In English,

Tbh is the acronym that stands for “TO BE HONEST”. It is used in electronic messages to say that this is what you really think about them.

Tbh is now an Instagram currency, which has taken on a different meaning since it was first adopted by teens. It is a texting abbreviation used in casual speech. Now, tbh has become such a common phrase in English that it deserves its own abbreviation !.

This phrase can be used before or after a statement to emphasize that you are stating an honest opinion. There can be many variations on this phrase such as “To be perfectly honest”, “In all honesty”, and “In my opinion”.

When spoken, it is pronounced T-B-H(ti-bi-aitch). Usually, this abbreviation is texted over the phone or some other messaging platform (on facebook or Instagram). To post a tbh about someone is to write something about them that you honestly feel or have thought about them but haven’t ever said.

You may find many people updating their status with TBH and rates which means to update the status with the rate for a TBH. Most commonly, the rating is from 0 to 10 where 10 rating is for the best case while 0 stands for the poorest case.

Tbh is a term that encourages online users to express honestly how they feel about a person or an idea they post. This is the acronym which is very popularly used on facebook, chatting, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media.

It is used to save time. For example, Writing “tbh” is much simpler and more time-saving than writing “to be honest”.It is generally used as a hashtag when the users post their honest thoughts or opinion on a subject. For example, if any of your friends ask for the tbh then it would be like, “you have the most adorable smile, you are my best friend, etc”.

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What Are The Synonyms Of TBH?

Synonyms Of TBH Are:

  • To Be Honest
  • to be fair
  • in all honesty

What Are The Antonyms Of TBH?

Antonyms Of TBH Are:

  • cheat
  • dishonest
  • insincere

What Are The Related Words Of TBH?

Related Words Of TBH Are:

  • if truth be told
  • honestly
  • in fairness
  • to be frank
  • by rights

What Is The Noun Form Of TBH?

Noun Form Of TBH Is:

Not Available The Noun Form Of TBH

What Is The Verb Form Of TBH?

Verb Form Of TBH Is:

Not Available The Verb Form Of TBH

What Is The Adjective Of TBH?

Adjective Of TBH Is:

Not Available The Adjective Of TBH 


What Does TBT Mean In Text?

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What Is The Meaning Of TBH & IDK?

>tbh = to be honest. >idk = I don’t know You destroyed the joke.


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What is the Meaning of TBH In English?

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