What Is The Meaning Of Acyclic? Find Out Meaning Of Acyclic.

Find The Meaning Of Acyclic?

What Is The Meaning Of Acyclic?

Meaning Of Acyclic In English,

The word acyclic has three different meanings with respect to different subjects. Acyclic can be explained namely in terms of chemistry, mathematics, and economic respectively. All three definitions can be explained as follows:

  1. 1. Acyclic in terms of chemistry: The meaning of the term acyclic in terms of chemistry is, a compound which is an open-chain compound, e.g alkanes, and acyclic aliphatic compounds.
  2. Acyclic in terms of mathematics: The meaning of acyclic in terms of mathematics can be explained as, a graph without a cycle, especially a directed acyclic graph.
  3. Acyclic in terms of economics: The meaning of acyclic in terms of economics can be defined as, an economic indicator with little or no correlation to the business cycle.

In simpler words, you can also define the term acyclic as an adjective used to describe a graph in which there is no cycle or closed path or you can also say that, it is a path with no repeated vertices, excluding the starting and ending vertice.

The other words which can be synonymous with acyclic are aliphatic, non-cyclic, linear, nonperiodic, polyamines, open-chain, acyl, greasy, sebaceous, alicyclic, nonserial, acyclically, etc.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Acyclic?

The Synonyms Of Acyclic Are:

  • aliphatic
  • noncyclic
  • open-chain

What Are The Antonyms Of Acyclic?

The Antonyms Of Acyclic Are:

  • cyclic
  • bicyclic
  • closed-chain

What Are The Related Words Of Acyclic?

The Related Words Of Acyclic Are:

  • non-cyclic
  • acyclically
  • aperiodic
  • linear

What Is The Adjective Of Acyclic?

Adjective Of Acyclic Is:

  • aliphatic
  • noncyclic
  • open-chain
  • branched

What Is The Noun Form Of Acyclic?

Noun Form Of Acyclic Is:

  • acyl
  • botany
  • fatty


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