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What Is The Meaning Of Adjacent? Find Out Meaning Of Adjacent.

by Rohan Mathew

What Is The Meaning Of Adjacent?

What Is The Meaning Of Adjacent?

The meaning of the term adjacent is that it is a next to or adjoining something else. The word adjacent in terms of geometry can also be defined as a pair of angles formed on the same side of a straight line when intersected by another line. The term adjacent can also be synonymous to other terms such as adjoining, alongside, beside, touching, very near, next to, touching, etc. If we say that one thing is adjacent to another, it means that both things are next to each other.

The term adjacent is also used in various purposes such as adjacent angles, adjacent channel, adjacent sides of the polygon, adjacent sides of right angle, adjacent matrix, etc. In simpler words, we can say that adjacent means” just next to”. The term adjacent is derived from the Latin word “adiaceo”, which means” I lie beside”.

You can understand more clearly the word adjacent by making the use of the word in the sentence. For example, a long time passed until both heard the muffled but distinct sound of Martha’s quiet sobbing in her adjacent room or she started towards the forest hedging the road adjacent to the condo community.

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Examples Of Using The Word Adjacent Are:

  1. The other difficulty from which these remnant patches suffer, he says, are inundations by weeds and initiated plants from developed adjacent land.
  2. The first morning I stopped suddenly when I heard a screeching pack of rats in a room adjacent to ours.
  3. And generally, when one tire blows out, the tire adjacent to the flat can blowout easily from the increased coercion.
  4. From the adjacent room came the unexpected sound of running water and an insulted bawl.
  5. These glial cells are appeared adjacent to myelinated nerve fibers in the white matter or forming satellite cells to the neurons in the gray matter.
  6. The terrain is comparatively flat, with good cycle and footpath connections to adjacent suburbs.
  7. He bowed and slipped back into the bathroom adjacent to his room, doubtlessly to spit.
  8. Amanda drops her briefcase bag at the foot of the couch and plummets down in the loveseat adjacent to it, exhausted.
  9. The new arbor is adjacent to the dining room and is easily connectable through French doors.
  10. This maneuver served only to strengthen our settled and we booked a meeting room in a hotel adjacent to the agreement site.

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