What Is The Meaning Of Aerie? Find Out Meaning Of Aerie.

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Aerie Meaning & Definition

What Is The Meaning Of Aerie?

What Is The Meaning Of Aerie?

The meaning of the term aerie is that it is the nest of an eagle or other large bird that eats meat, generally built in a high place that cannot be easily reached. In a simpler and short definition, you can also define the meaning of aerie as, the nest of a bird on a cliff or a mountaintop.

The other words which can be synonymous with the expression aerie are brood and penthouse. The word aerie is also sometimes spelled as eyrie. For example, you can also say that an aerie is the nest of a large bird of prey somewhere high up, such as the branch of a tree or a clifftop.

In other words, you can also say that an eagle’s nest is called an aerie. You can also understand more clearly the meaning of the term aerie by making the use of the word in the sentences. You can state some examples as they loved spending time together in their quiet hilltop aerie, you can also look into the selection of lingerie for teens at aerie by American Eagle, She could always be found in her video aerie, etc.


  1. The King of the Eagles brought me to his aerie in the peak and left me alone to cure as much as I could.
  2. Her aerie of infrequent birds was evocating and a very intelligent ocular.
  3. At the aerie, under a rocky shelf high above, two big gray chicks were still humped on the nest.
  4. A single set for many years had their aerie in the top of a big dead Scottish maple tree, near the head of Burnt Ship Bay.
  5. If she caught one pointing for her aerie, she would block the way and offer him actively depart.
  6. Rather a shining sun, too illustrious for her to stare upon, that took not a first flight from the eagle’s aerie.
  7. Most of the stores also attribute the Company’s Aerie brand, self-assured, seductive intimates, and clothesline for young women in their twenties.
  8. Slowly she climbed the steep and curved trail to their aerie at the mountain.
  9. As it was now toned dark within their little aerie they put down upon their coverings to manage to obtain, through sleep, a short break of forgetfulness.
  10. The three overfilled into the cool recesses of the manufactured aerie.


How Is Aerie Different From American Eagle?

Launched in 2006 as an extension of AE, Aerie is a lighter, shorter version of American Eagle Lingerie—which we can all agree is a mouthful. From the start, the models and advertising focused on real women of all shapes and sizes.

Does Urban Outfitters Own Aerie?

The aerie brand is sold in American Eagle Outfitters stores, on the American Eagle website, and in stand-alone aerie retail stores. The first stand-alone aerie store opened in August 2006 in Greenville, South Carolina, and was followed by two more test stores later that year.

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