What Is The Meaning Of Afore? Find Out Meaning Of Afore.

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What Is The Meaning Of Afore

What Is The Meaning Of Afore?

The meaning of the term afore is “before”. So basically you can also give the definition of afore as something that is done previously. The word afore has been originally derived from Middle English afore, aforn, from Old English onforan or aetforan.

Other words that can be synonymous with afore can also be given as ahead, since, back, previously, sooner, before present, etc. While, some of the antonyms can also be stated such as lastly, subsequently, next, afterward, even after, since then, in the future, etc.

You can also understand more clearly about the meaning of afore by making the use of the word in the sentence. Some of the examples can be stated as Pete spotted them afore they saw us, he died the day afore yesterday, a human being’s evident fear is that he should die afore his time, etc.

Most of the people often also question that, what does aforesaid mean in a will? So basically, we all know that anything that is talked about before is called as aforesaid. So if in the text of a legal document there is a reference to charges that were mentioned earlier in the document, then that is an example of the aforesaid charges.

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Examples Of Using The Word Afore Are:

  1. The stream is murky and my eyes are not so keen as they were ages afore.
  2. I was on my way to the door, but all at once, through the mist in my head, I began to sight one shoal that I hadn’t paid any awareness to afore.
  3. Sir Launcelot put his shield afore him and put the stroke away of the one giant and with his sword he clave his head asunder.
  4. If he has never drunk wine afore, it will go near to remove his fit.
  5. A human being’s evident fear is that he should die afore his time.
  6. It’s all been done before by Nature or those who came afore.
  7. The communication said that the party deliberate to hunt and fodder through this area, for a month or two, afore it went back into the Canadas.
  8. Rebecca, did the dinosaurs come afore man, or at the same time?
  9. O dang it, Roger, did ‘e ever see such a sight afore? My gom! what a glorious lumination like! My goals! what a mort of gentry-folk!
  10. I’ve had a Chinky, a Chic Murray and, afore ye came the gather me, I had some fuckin’ fancy Italian pasta dish, it was pure dead shining, by the way!


What Does Afore Discussed Mean?

afore-explained (not comparable) Explained earlier in a document.

What Does Afore Mean In The KJV Bible?

Archaic for “before” of time, or “formerly”; frequently occurs as compound, as in “aforetime,” “aforehand,” etc.; in the New Testament most commonly for the Greek prefix, pro, in compound words (Romans 1:2; 15:4); at other times, for Greek adverb pote, “at some time,” “once” (John 9:13; 1 Peter 3:5; Colossians 3:7).

Is Afore Mentioned Correct?

Once you’ve written about something, it can then be referred to as aforementioned. You already know that to mention something is to bring it up, so if you consider that afore sounds a little like before, you’ll know that aforementioned is simply something that’s been said previously.

How Do You Use The Word Afore?

Examples of ‘afore’ in a sentence afore

  1. “‘I got to the pub at half eight, had a couple of beers and left just afore nine. …
  2. We could have made a cop of you, Charley, if we’d got a hold of you afore you started ripping bodices. …
  3. We just don’t want him runnin’ off afore you and me have a chance to talk business.

What Is A Synonym For The Word Afore?

synonyms for afore

On this page you’ll find 30 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to afore, such as: ahead, back, previously, since, sooner, and aforetime.

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