What Is The Meaning Of Alcove? Find Out Meaning Of Alcove.

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Alcove Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Alcove?

What Is The Meaning Of Alcove?

Meaning Of Alcove In English,

The meaning of the term alcove is that it is a small space in a room, formed by one part of a wall being further back than the parts on each side. The other words which can be synonymous with the alcove are recess, cavity, indentation, corner, hollow, nook, opening, bay, booth, etc.

The term alcove is derived from the French “alcove”, from Spanish “alcoba” or Portuguese “alcova”, and from Arabic, which means vault, the chamber with a vaulted roof. You can also define the alcove as, they are large, arched recessions formed in a cliff wall.

But remember that, the alcoves are different from caves. Generally, the alcove formation is caused by water that seeps into cracks, freezing and thawing in them, eventually expanding and slowly pushing the rock apart.

Most of the people often question that, what is an alcove in a house? So, the alcove is usually a recess opening off a room or other space enclosed by walls or hedges. In the medieval architecture, this alcove was generally used as a sleeping space off the main body of a drafty hall.

You can also understand more clearly about the meaning of alcove by making the use of the term in the sentences. For example, the shadowy figure disappeared into an alcove.

Examples Of Using The Word Alcove Are:

  1. Upstairs, the L-shaped landing is well lit, thanks to a window alcove with room for an infrequent chair.
  2. They led to the control room, a small alcove in the wall with a window cut out of it to see the complete hangar.
  3. Where the original stove would have been, she has generated an inglenook fireplace with an oak surround and alcove warehouse.
  4. She had wriggled through a tot-sized opening in the alcove and tottered over to a show of butterfly nets four feet away.
  5. The three of us settled into a hidden alcove hung with burgundy velvet cloaks.
  6. To my surprise, he was standing at ease, talking to an old lady who was positioned on one of the chairs in the alcove.
  7. Behind it was doors for exits and entrances and a curtained stall or alcove useful for actors to hide inside.
  8. The earthen plaster-covered clay walls are thick enough to involve built-in book-shelves, producing a small library alcove behind the kitchen.
  9. To the east of the window is a stone ambo and to the west an alcove seat.
  10. In the alcove of the apartment, we painted, freehand, a pattern motivated by designs that adorn many homes of the South African Ndebele tribe.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Alcove?

Synonyms of Alcove Are:

  • compartment
  • cubicle
  • anteroom
  • bay

What Are The Antonyms Of Alcove?

Antonyms of Alcove Are:

  • Whole

What Are The Related Words Of Alcove?

Related Words For Alcove Are:

  • bower
  • corner
  • cubbyhole
  • niche
  • recess
  • study


What Is The Synonym Of Alcove?

nounsmall compartment, room. alcove. antechamber. apartment. bedchamber.

What Is The Difference Between A Nook And An Alcove?

The best way to describe an alcove is like a nook, and it is a very sought-after architectural feature. Alcoves look like someone has cut sections out of a wall, leaving the fireplace protruding from the wall, while the alcoves are the parts of the wall on either side that are slightly behind.

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