What Is The Meaning Of Attitude? Find Out Meaning Of Attitude

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Attitude Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Attitude?

What Is The Meaning Of Attitude?

The Meaning Of Attitude In English,

The meaning attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about something. Generally, when people think about Attitude they think about Ego. Attitude is a broader term. Ego is just a part of Attitude. Attitude is of 2 types, Good Attitude, and Bad Attitude.

Attitude can be explained away from the behavior, way of conduct, way of interaction with people, ethical, moral values. Attitude is just a way how you deal with your social life. Social interaction is equally important with our other activities in life. Now when we talk about a sound social image, it takes enough time to create in society. A good personality is never made in one day.

But for breaking identical, it hardly requires a minute

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What Are The Synonyms Of Attitude?

Synonyms Of Attitude Are:

  • position
  • posture
  • approach
  • philosophy
  • viewpoint

What Are The Antonyms Of Attitude?

Antonyms Of Attitude Are:

  • avoid
  • bull
  • equity

What Are The Related Words Of Attitude?

Related Words Of Attitude Are:

  • feeling
  • view
  • stance
  • point of view
  • opinion
  • psychology

What Is The Noun Form Of Attitude?

Noun Form Of Attitude Is:

  • Attitude

What Is The Verb Form Of Attitude?

Verb Form Of Attitude Is:

  • attituding
  • attituded

What Is The Adjective Of Attitude?

Adjective Of Attitude Is:

  • attitudinal

Examples Of Using The Word Attitude Are:

  1. We expect Japan will have a corresponding attitude Roh’s forward-looking indication for a reunion.
  2. His attitude is that he does not hope to be included in any evaluation is right or wrong.
  3. On the heels of the campaign, a new attitude towards women began to evidence itself in Europe.
  4. These children gaze wildly, their oversized eyes staring upward, eternally unblinking in an attitude that remembers contemporary symbolism.
  5. We know how hard it is, but you only make it forcefull for yourself if you go down with the attitude that you cant win.
  6. Call me heartless, barbaric, unrelenting, or what you will, but I cannot understand this attitude at all.
  7. We rapidly found out we shared the same attitude, self-drive, and combativeness.
  8. Both teams lean to have the attitude that whoever wins this one wins the tournament, even if the previous year they discovered otherwise.
  9. It is encouraging to see a reaction against recent society’s safety-first attitude towards child-rearing.
  10. If a few million people die, then an extensively change in the attitude of the species might just take place.
  11. All that broad-based democracy needs is a rational attitude, that is, a readiness to listen to censorious arguments and to learn from experience.


What Is The Real Meaning Of Attitude?

: a mental position with regard to a fact or state. a helpful attitude. : a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state. a negative attitude. an optimistic attitude.

What Is Attitude Example?

Attitudes can include up to three components: cognitive, emotional, and behavioral. Example: Jane believes that smoking is unhealthy, feels disgusted when people smoke around her, and avoids being in situations where people smoke.

What Are The 5 Attitudes?

“The Five Hazardous Attitudes” are the source of most on-the-job incidents during elevated construction. These attitudes, Anti-Authority, Impulsivity, Invulnerability, Macho, & Resignation, often lead to poor judgment and risk assessment.

What Are 3 Things That Define Attitude?

Attitudes are thought to have three components: an affective component (feelings), a behavioral component (the effect of the attitude on behavior), and a cognitive component (belief and knowledge).

Does Attitude Mean Behavior?

Attitude refers to an expression of the way one feels. Behavior is the way that someone acts. Although the two are related, they are distinct from one another as attitude focuses on how one feels, and behavior deals with one’s actions. However, one’s attitude is often expressed through their behavior.

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