What Is The Meaning Of Vibes? Find Out Meaning Of Vibes

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Vibes Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Vibes?

What Is The Meaning Of Vibes?

The Meaning Of Vibes In English,

The meaning of vibe is a feeling for someone. It means vibes could be an individual’s emotion or the atmosphere of an area as communicated to and felt by others.

Vibes: It means the feeling that someone or something gives you. So, positive vibes mean the positive emotions that you get from someone or something.

A person should always be concerned about positive vibes of something, while the negative side gives you nothing in turn.

Vibes is also short for vibrations. It means, In life, it is a common experience sometimes we just shy from a stranger and contrarily one may have pleasant feelings when seeing a stranger. The later is said to have positive vibes.

The expression probably originates from the fact that each person has an electromagnetic field emanating from his body, which envelopes him. It interacts with another person’s camp positively or negatively. When the two fields’ frequencies resonate the persons become bosom friends maybe even after one meeting. They are the ‘soul mates.’

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What Are The Synonyms Of Vibes?

Synonyms Of Vibes Are:

  • vibration
  • pulsation
  • sensation
  • feeling

What Are The Antonyms Of Vibes?

Antonyms Of Vibes Are:

  • quiet
  • muteness
  • calm
  • noiselessness

What Are The Related Words Of Vibes?

Related Words Of Vibes Are:

  • vibraphone
  • feeling in bones
  • energy
  • shake
  • sixth sense

What Is The Noun Form Of Vibes?

Noun Form Of Vibes Is:

  • vibe

What Is The Verb Form Of Vibes?

Verb Form Of Vibes Is:

  • vibes
  • vibing

What Is The Adjective Of Vibes?

Adjective Of Vibes Is:

  • vibeless
  • bad
  • casual
  • cool
  • different
  • negative
  • good


What Are Examples Of Vibes?

Vibes are the emotional signals a person gives out to those around them with their body language and social interactions. An example of good vibes is a happy person smiling and having a positive effect on those around them. Plural form of vibe.

What Is Another Word For Vibes?

An atmosphere or aura felt to belong to a person, place or thing. atmosphere. energy. feel. mood.

Are Vibes Feelings?

Oxford languages defined vibe as : A person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others. Your dictionary went on to define vibes as: The emotional signals a person gives out to those around them with their body language and social interactions.

How Do You Describe Good Vibes?

A good vibe is an emotional reaction that causes your body to physically feel a sense of ease, trustworthiness, relaxation, or pleasure.

Examples Of Using The Word Vibes Are:

  1. I was going to ask if you were familiar with a subconscious wish to send those vibes.
  2. Killian and his band of vibes, percussion, sax, flute, bass, keyboards, and vocalist inhabit stage left.
  3. England is rather specializing in bad vibes, most particularly against Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka, of all teams.
  4. Developing this is not, but if you fancy a drink surrounded by relaxed jazz vibes, you could do a lot substandard.
  5. It has been a pretty good long weekend with a fair amount of jazz vibes and lots of fellowship and alcohol.
  6. Both tracks are up-tempo numbers that also show the impact of the Ramsey Lewis Trio’s funky jazz, but with the critical addition of vibes.
  7. So I am apologetically requesting whatever prayers, good vibes and help you can assemble.
  8. Good conclusion on the football field are needed also, but good vibes are the first need.
  9. Exercise is also considerable for skin and gives you a pinkish glow around the cheeks that send out loads of healthful vibes.
  10. And at the other end of the good vibes spectrum, when you babbler away like some deranged baboon into your mobile on the bus, you’re transferring.

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