What Is The Meaning Of Ripe? Find Out The Meaning Of Ripe.

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Ripe Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Ripe?

What Is The Meaning Of Ripe?

The Meaning Of Ripe In English,

The meaning of ripe is that it is developed to the point of readiness for harvesting and eating, having arrived at the fitting stage or time for.

When a fruit or any vegetable or any substance is completely in a state to be eaten or is not raw-it is called as ripe. We can say we have a ripe banana, grapes, and many other fruits.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Ripe?

Synonyms Of Ripe Are:

  • mature
  • ready
  • aged
  • mellow
  • seasoned

What Are The Antonyms Of Ripe?

Antonyms Of Ripe Are:

  • immature
  • green
  • unripe
  • jejune
  • inexperienced

What Are The Related Words Of Ripe?

Related Words Of Ripe Are:

  • adult
  • ripened
  • prepared
  • grown
  • developed

What Is The Noun Form Of Ripe?

Noun Form Of Ripe Is:

  • ripeness

What Is The Verb Form Of Ripe?

Verb Form Of Ripe Is:

  • ripely

What Is The Adjective Of Ripe?

Adjective Of Ripe Is:

  • ripe

Examples Of Using The Word Ripe Are:

  1. A ripe kaki is a reddish-orange, mellow, very tasty and sweet, I love it very much.
  2. The world was ready for it and the smaller rock tapes were ripe for this agreement.
  3. There is deep contentment to be had in spending a couple of hours choosing punnets full of ripe, juicy fruit.
  4. The ripe, red, pulpy flesh of the melons stands in with nauseating authenticity for the wasted tissue of the bodies of the impaired men.
  5. The ripe, peachy La Mancha white shows lots of apples and pear-perfumed fruit.
  6. Eighteen lumps of distinct cheeses littered the table amongst baskets of green and red apples and ripe pears.
  7. Sure, Mitt Romney appears ripe for parody, what with his Leave It to hustler vibe and eye-popping wealth.
  8. Champagne Royale Take the tastiest fruit in season, namely blood orange, ripe pears or mandarins.
  9. Agren invaded the fashion industry at the ripe age of 14 when she participated in the Elite Model Look contest in France.
  10. It is an acid cherry that offers a bittersweet flavor when fully ripe
  11. Yes, Carmel told herself, he seems like a young jungle cat, glad and rude amongst a throng of deer ripe for his taking.


What Is An Example Of Ripe?

The time is ripe for organisations to take action. Incredibly simple to put together, these two are ripe and ready to eat in no time. Apart from growing to a ripe old age, the locals were also in great health, he said. She lived to a ripe old age.

What Does It Mean If Someone Is Ripe?

(of people) fully prepared or ready to do or undergo something: He was ripe for a change in jobs. fully or sufficiently advanced; ready enough; auspicious: The time is ripe for a new foreign policy.

What Is The Meaning Or Ripe?

(of fruit, grain, etc) mature and ready to be eaten or used; fully developed. 2. mature enough to be eaten or used. ripe cheese.

What Does The Bible Mean By Ripe?

Essentially perfection can be translated as “to ripen.” The fruits of God’s Spirit are to be expressed again and again in our daily lives until we actually take on God’s likeness! Little by little, we take on the “fullness of God” (Ephesians 3:19). That means perfection.

What Is The Synonym Of Ripe?

adj.fully developed; experienced. adj.favorable, ideal.


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