Why Does Your Website Need SEO-Friendly Web Design?

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Why Does Your Website Need SEO-Friendly Web Design?

In today’s world, all businesses do their business with the help of their websites. These websites are the most important source of brand communication and earning money. For any business to achieve success, these websites need to be SEO-friendly.

What is an SEO-friendly website?

An SEO-friendly website refers to a website whose structure and content can be easily accessed by search engines. It usually contains the following elements:

  • Unique content

An SEO-friendly website will always have unique and useful content for the searchers.

  • Structured pages

A web page on these websites usually has the following meaningful structure:

  • Header
  • Breadcrumb menu
  • Page Title
  • Formatted text that is broken into sub-paragraphs and subheadings
  • Author information
  • Footer
  • Unique title and description

The title is the first thing you see when you search on Google. The small paragraph underneath it is the meta description which gives you a sneak preview of the page. Each page of the website will have a title of 60-65 characters and descriptions of around 150 characters. The rule here is that these should not be keyword stuffed. Only relevant information should be given otherwise you will lose clicks and traffic. 

  •  Fast loading

A fast-loading website will have a higher position in the ranking algorithm and can increase user interaction. To improve the loading time, you can compress the image size, this will improve image load time and consequently enhance the site’s load time. 

  • URLs are well-formatted

A web page should have a descriptive URL- all lowercase and separated by dashes.

  • Includes optimized images
Yes, search engines prefer text but for the website to be more friendly, appropriate background images need to be added. These images have to be optimized for size and have a meaningful image filename and ALT text.
  • Use internal linking

Internal linking allows search engines to discover new pages on a website and index them. Search engines like Google can’t discover all the valuable content on your website. Internal linking can help with this.

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  • Readability

The readability of a site is very important to make it SEO friendly. The content should have the right size (the minimum size is 16pt), along with you also need the right font colour. The font colour should stand out in the background to attract the readers.

You also have to make sure that the information provided on the website is broken down into readable content. It is always good practice to avoid long paragraphs.

Any reputed web design agency in Dubai can help you in creating an SEO-friendly website that suits your needs. But is such a website needed? The answer is yes. Let us look at the reasons:

  • Provides user-friendly experience

An SEO-optimized website is not just created for rankings on search engines, it also provides the best user experience. By applying the basic principles of SEO to the website, the user experience is enhanced.

  • Directs more organic traffic (traffic from search engines) 

An SEO-friendly website will run higher in the Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs) and therefore increase organic traffic. If you analyze search user behaviour, you can easily see that the majority of people tend to select one of the first five results that appear on the search engine.

  • Long-term gains

When deciding to do an SEO in Dubai, you will have to invest some money. But the long-term benefits exceed the investment you make. On top of this, with a good SEO website, you don’t need to spend more money on online advertising or PPC.

  • Needed for mobile users

A mobile-first design ensures that the content and functionality of the website are optimized for small screen devices. This design ensures that the website is user-friendly and engaging. Since more and more users are using their mobile devices for all kinds of searches, a company needs to have a mobile-friendly SEO to reach a larger audience.

  • Understanding customer behaviour

Along with driving more traffic to a website, SEO also helps in analyzing the behaviour of the users who enter the website. This is done by looking at things like- what they click, what they like, how they enter, how they leave etc. By understanding their behaviour a company can adjust its products and services according to their demands.

  • Brand credibility

Whether it is Google, Bing or Yahoo, most users tend to trust websites that appear on the first page of these search engines. Creating such websites can increase brand awareness and brand credibility.

If you decide to invest in SEO services, you have to remember that the results do not appear overnight. After planning a clear SEO strategy, its efficient implementation will need time. So if you are ready to reach more leads and improve your business, contact a reputed SEO agency in Dubai today.

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