Advantages of Dog Training!

Juliet D'cruz

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Positive dog training methods are effective in NZ because they are gentler, proven to be more effective and most dogs respond better. Let’s explore how to use this technique well…

Positive methods usually include using rewards like treats, verbal praise, friendly contact, and the use of clickers. Harmful behaviours are often ignored, and good ones are praised. Many NZ behaviourists say using this approach will inspire the best conduct from the dog. 

An important consideration when using positive reinforcement methods is time. The owner must reward the dog at the right time for positive reinforcement to work. If the owner teaches the dog to sit down and rewards it when it gets up, the dog will be confused and think that it must get up from the seat to receive a treat.

When a person approaches, the dog may growl and bark even if that person is family or a friend. Using positive training to deter this behaviour with verbal or food rewards will leave a lasting impression based on positive notes. All it takes is to gather some volunteers and equip yourself as the trainer with some good rewards for the dog.

These are just a couple of examples of how to action positive reinforcement training.

More and more NZ dog training schools focus on gentle training methods and proudly promote them. Dogs trained with active training methods seem to be more enthusiastic in response to commands and are happier all ‘round. 

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These methods also lay the foundation for better dog-owner relationships. From a human point of view, you’d remember there are always some kids who grow up to hate and fear the high school teacher who used to scream at them all day? The same is true in the hearts of dogs.

And speaking of your dog’s heart and health, suppose your pet needs medical treatment because of an accident or illness – how will you ensure quality treatment. If you have pet insurance, you will have cover for a range of your pet’s veterinary bills. Leaving you more time for happy bonding together.

It is difficult for pet owners to refuse the treatment of their pets due to cost but it has to happen all too often when people can’t afford vet bills. Dog insurance in NZ makes it easy for you to accept recommended treatments and have them actioned straight away. Insurance can help you get the diagnosis, treatment, and medications your pet needs to recover if they are injured or sick.

Pet health insurance can help you provide emergency care, surgery, and rehabilitation for their recovery. When they are healthy, preventive care add-on packages available for pet insurance plans can help you keep up to date with annual check-ups, vaccinations, tests and more to keep them healthy.

That’s why we think the advantages of dog insurance are just as easy to see as the advantages of positive reinforcement dog training. 

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