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What Is Meaning Of Side Effect? Find Out Meaning Of Side Effect

Meaning Of Side Effect

Find Meaning Of Side Effect?

What Is Meaning Of Side Effect?

Meaning Of Side Effect In English,

Meaning Of Side Effect is a secondary, typically undesirable effect of a drug or medical treatment.

Meaning Of Side Effect

Side effects are of two types
• Allergies due to an immune reaction to the drug in susceptible people
• Idiosyncratic which occur randomly

some adverse events are due to inappropriate dosage. The side effect depends upon the sensitivity of the person to some medicines. Excess dosage also produces side effects, so please avoid self-medication and consult doctors. Drugs produce toxic effects after alcohol is taken after or before medicine.

Many drugs are broken down into smaller molecules during digestion and the amount of breakdown while mostly predictable depends on individual factors including weight, food in the stomach, etc. Therefore associate degree applicable dose for one could also be the next dose for one more. These are some of the reasons why many medicines have ‘side effects’

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What Are The Synonyms Of Side Effect?

Synonyms Of Side Effect Are:

  • secondary effect
  • adverse effects
  • adverse reaction
  • undesirable effect

Synonyms Of Side Effect

What Are The Antonyms Of Side Effect?

Antonyms Of Side Effect Are:

  • positive effect
  • welcome change
  • positive impact
  • positive result

Antonyms Of Side Effect

What Are The Related Words Of Side Effect?

Related Words Of Side Effect Are:

  • collateral effect
  • adverse drug reactions
  • aftereffect
  • undesirable effects
  • spillover effects

Related Words Of Side Effect

What Is The Noun Form Of Side Effect?

Noun Form Of Side Effect Is:

  • side effect

What Is The Verb Form Of Side Effect?

Verb Form Of Side Effect Is:

Not Available The Verb Form Of Side Effect

What Is The Adjective Of Side Effect?

Adjective Of Side Effect Is:

  • downside
  • lateral


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