Green Gifting: Presents that Align with Eco-Conscious Values

Charlotte Miller

As you think about buying holiday gifts for your loved ones, have you thought about giving gifts that align with your values or the values of those that you love? Eco-conscious gifts can be one of the best ways to share presents this holiday season without worrying about the impact you have on the environment. Here are a few gift ideas for you:

A baby gift basket

For a gift for that new parent in your life, a baby gift basket full of great items for the new baby can be a great way to show up for the holidays. But make it eco-friendly with everything, like the best baby wipes and cloth diapers for the little one. There is a plethora of baby products designed with both the health of the new baby and the planet in mind, so search for the best items to include in the baby gift basket for your friend who has recently welcomed a new life into this world.

Non-packaged hygiene items

Instead of shopping at your typical bath and fragrance stores that line mall halls around the nation, take time to research brands that create hygiene items that are made without all the extra packaging. A beautiful gift of combined goods ranging from shampoos to conditioners and soaps is the ideal present for that person who always loves to smell nice, no matter the occasion. If you know your loved one well, then putting together the perfect products may be rather simple.

Thrift store finds

If your loved one loves great outfits, consider shopping around at local thrift stores to find the looks that they would love. Not only will you spend less on more, but you will also find original fits that may not be found anywhere else. For the fashionista who loves originality, thrift store finds are the way to go.

If you don’t have time to shop around in local thrift stores, there are options like Poshmark that make thrift store finds easy to find online. Some of the best looks are actually found within the racks of local thrift stores, where people with lower incomes typically go to shop. What is discovered instead are large amounts of great fits that are half the price of a normal store-bought piece, perfect for a recycled gift this holiday season. Hand-me-downs don’t have to be a disappointment.

Recycled items

If you know that your friend or loved one could use a specific piece of furniture or household item, instead of buying something brand new, shop around for options that have been used before and are in great condition. Places like Goodwill or the Salvation Army are often full of great items that would make anyone’s home look amazing, so don’t rule out shopping for used items that could be like new for your loved one.

Bought from sustainable brands

If you know that your loved one loves their brand-new items, then you can also take time to shop around for gifts that have never been used but that are designed by brands known for their sustainable practices. From materials used to shipping and packaging practices, it’s a good idea to look for options that are created with sustainability in mind.

Whether it’s new clothes or new perfumes, give a gift that was designed with care in mind, both for the planet and for your loved one. With fast fashion and consumerism impacting our planet, it’s wise to look for ways to give back in a way that gives back to our planet.

In Conclusion

As you look for responsible gifts to give this season, think of these tips: Gifting new pieces bought from sustainable brands or giving recycled items that shine like brand-new gems to your thrift-loving friend are all great ways to spread some cheer through your holiday presents this year.