How to Identify a Reputable Delta 9 Supplier

Albert Howard

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How to Identify a Reputable Delta 9 Supplier

Delta 9 THC is a naturally-occurring component of the cannabis plant that allows users to experience a high. Depending on the consumption method and strength, some people note feelings of relaxation, reduced anxiety, hunger, and happiness when they consume Delta 9 products like gummies. 

With the FDA strictly regulating what’s sold to the general public, it’s easy to assume that any Delta 9 product you buy is safe and suitable for your needs, but not all are. If you want to shop with the most reputable Delta 9 supplier for peace of mind, here’s what to look for. 


Before you try Delta 9 for the first time, take a minute to look for information about your preferred store’s licensing. All cannabis stores must have licenses, and they get these by going through rigorous lab testing processes and by abiding by all manufacturing requirements. 

Getting a license can be an arduous process, and the licenses can be revoked as quickly as they are given. As a result, most cannabis stores with licenses will follow product laws to the letter to ensure they can remain open and give their customers safe, quality products. 

Lab Reports

Most products you purchase from your grocery store have a long list of ingredients so that you can make informed purchasing decisions and know what you’re putting in your body. Lab reports function similarly. 

Lab reports are provided by third-party testing companies, outlining what exactly is in the products you’re purchasing, such as cannabinoids and potentially dangerous substances. Having these reports and making them easily accessible is the law, so if you aren’t provided with one before making a Delta 9 purchase, consider shopping with a business that makes them readily available. 

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Legitimate Payment Processing

The internet has made shopping far more convenient than ever before. Rather than venturing out of our homes, we can purchase all manner of goods online and have them delivered to our doors. However, before parting with your hard-earned money in exchange for Delta 9 products, take a moment to review the payment type being requested by your preferred cannabis store. 

Consider buying elsewhere if you are being asked to pay by Venmo, Cash App, or similar. Licensed cannabis businesses can work with legitimate payment processors like major credit card companies, but illegitimate businesses might not be afforded the same rights. 

Online Reviews

If you weren’t able to receive recommendations from family and friends about the best Delta 9 suppliers to shop with, you might be able to rely on online reviews. Both satisfied and dissatisfied customers are often more than happy to provide online reviews about their shopping experiences to help future customers with their purchasing decisions. 

These reviews often appear on search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook. If you notice more negative than positive reviews, this might be all the information you need to decide to take your money elsewhere. 

When the time comes to start exploring your Delta 9 product options, it’s crucial not to rush the process. If you take your time to learn more about what makes a supplier reputable, you might be in a much better position to purchase safe products from a trusted business that provides you with an enjoyable experience.