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What Is The Meaning Of Acronym? Find Out Meaning Of Acronym.

by Rohan Mathew

What Is The Meaning Of Acronym?

What Is The Meaning Of Acronym?

The meaning of the term acronym is that it is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of the other words and pronounced as a word. For example, NASA(National Aeronautics and Space Administration), NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organization), Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg) or Radar(Radio Detection And Ranging). Acronyms outcomes from a word-formation procedure known as blending, in which parts of two or more words are gathered to make a new word.

Acronyms flourished especially from the 20th century onwards, although the distinction between abbreviation and acronym has been steadily eroded and the acronym is used for several types of the abbreviation. Acronyms are also commonly used nowadays in many of the social networking sites namely, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Hike, Whatsapp, etc. These acronyms are very useful as they are time convenient as we use short forms. The term acronym can also be synonymous with other words such as signifier, descriptor, word form, phrase, cipher, wordplay, etc.

In a simpler definition, we can say that an acronym is a word whose letters are the first letters of other words. These acronyms are faster and shorter and also time convenient to say then the long-phrase.

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Examples Of Using The Word Acronym Are:

  1. It is generally acceptable to initiate a sentence with an acronym or abbreviation that begins with a capital letter.
  2. The word laser is an acronym for light elaboration by stimulated release of radiation.
  3. I’m not going to even profess to understand in any information how this mouthful of an acronym really works.
  4. The acronym derives from the group constitution of postgraduates, capability, undergraduates, and graduate students.
  5. It was anti-futuristic, so awkward and mechanical that even the acronym appeared dated.
  6. Since it’s glowing and you don’t have handy entrance to dead sea creatures, how about treating it like an acronym?
  7. It was just that no one was ready to replace a terse phrase with either an ugly acronym or a yawn-inducing nibble.
  8. The acronym of the term TOW stands for Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire command link-guided missile.
  9. I’ve decreased this heavy string of words to its acronym because it has a pleasant Latin sound and neatly swathes the complete nine yards in one small bundle.
  10. Backronym Similar to an acronym, but where the words have been intentionally chosen to fit initials.
  11. And then the next red-hot evolution on some other front will appear rendering the acronym to unconsciousness.


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