What Is Meaning Of Abacus? Find Out Meaning Of Abacus.

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Abacus Meaning & Definition

What Is Meaning Of Abacus?

What Is Meaning Of Abacus?

The meaning of abacus refers to a square or rectangular frame or the tallying frame; a math device which is a mechanical gadget holding an arrangement of small balls on metal rods or wires, that are commonly used for counting or for doing calculations.

It has rods with sliding beads on them. Abacus is basically A Chinese counting machine. It is a very old tool used for math.

The meaning of Abacuses can be inferred as a tool used for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and people can use them to find the square root of whole numbers.

Abacus is a counting frame or a mechanical device used for Math’s Education to do fast mental arithmetic calculations.

What is the full form of Abacus?

The full form of abacus includes A means Abundant, B means Beads, A means Addition, C means Calculation, U means Utility, S means System. Therefore, the full form of Abacus is abundant beads addition calculation utility system.

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Examples Of Using The Word Abacus Are:

  1. She added that students schooling to utilize the abacus could calculate faster than those using electric calculators.
  2. But for millions of people in the countryside, the abacus is yet more commonly used than a laptop.
  3. Numbers are better operated as calculus stones or abacus pellets than in human memory.
  4. We’re speaking people who require an abacus to work out how many grams are in eight beads.
  5. After that, there was only the sound of clinking abacus balls and the whisper of papers.
  6. Another donor brought an abacus, to signal the effect the moneymen are having on the production.
  7. Our eventual motive is to show the whole history of computing, from the abacus to the modern machines.
  8. But abacus and similar understandings were already sipping money out of Rhineland, according to a person intimate with the matter.
  9. At the same time, there has been an improvement of interest in the old methods of calculation, especially the utilization of simple and unsophisticated appliance such as the abacus.
  10. This time a simpleton working an abacus could probably project the winner.
  11. Also on the anvil are a Braille slate, abacus for mathematics, geometry set with raised numbers and an alphabet plate to enable the visually impaired to learn to write.


What Is An Example Of A Abacus?

The best known examples of the abacus are of the Chinese abacus. The diagram shown above is of a Chinese abacus, as is the one shown below. The Chinese abacus has 7 beads in each column, 2 on the top and 5 on the bottom.

What Does Abacus Mean In Chinese?

The abacus is called “suanpan” (算盤, calculating pan) in China. It was mentioned in a 2nd century BC Chinese document, and versions may have been used for thousands of years prior. The Chinese kind has beads strung on wires or thin wood rods

Why Is It Called An Abacus?

It’s been used for centuries in China and has a long history of use in Ancient Greece, Rome, Russia Japan, and Babylon. The name is of Greek origin. Abax means “flat surface” in Ancient Greek. It was taken by the Romans and became abacus in Latin.

Where Is The Abacus Still Used Today?

The abacus is still in use today by shopkeepers in Asia and “Chinatowns” in North America. The abacus is still taught in Asian schools, and a few schools in the West. Blind children are taught to use the abacus where their sighted counterparts would be taught to use paper and pencil to perform calculations.

What Is Japanese Abacus?

The SOROBAN, known as the Japanese abacus in English, is considered to be the first calculator in Japan and has played a significant role in the cultural and educational development of the country. We believe soroban to be representative of many aspects of the Japanese culture.

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