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What Is Meaning Of Ad-Hoc? Find Out Meaning Of Ad-Hoc.

by Altaf Shaikh
What Is Meaning Of Ad-hoc

What Is Meaning Of Ad-Hoc?

What Is Meaning Of Ad-Hoc?

The meaning of the term ad-hoc is, when needed or necessary. The term ad-hoc is also defined as created or done for a particular purpose as necessary. The term Ad-hoc can also be replaced with synonymous words such as impromptu, extemporary, expedient, improvised, emergency, etc. The term ad-hoc is derived from the Latin words meaning “for this” or “for this situation”.

Examples Of Using The Word Ad-Hoc Are:

  1. Doing that easily is compulsory, along with viewing and altering information, data mining, ad-hoc querying, and other data administration.
  2. This issue becomes enlarged when you contemplate the rate at which these ad-hoc data sources are looking, an outgrowth of the data detonation.
  3. This permitted women to enter rodeo contests on an ad-hoc basis and to challenge in a limited number of heritage events, such as calf roping and cutting.
  4. This small volume confers a survey of the state of the art of mobile ad-hoc networks and the future of tracery network computing.
  5. A second ad-hoc cabinet charged with determining the pursuits of the former Bulgarian President and Vice President, Parvanov and Marin, was system Wednesday in court.
  6. In a region, where there is no fixed network framework, or it is expensive and time-consuming to build up one, ad-hoc networks can offer network connectivity.
  7. The requests of these ad-hoc Alpinists are like those of urban buyers who want security and services everywhere.
  8. Because women have so little support in merging work and family, everyone is left to do it in their own ad-hoc, jury-rigged manner.
  9. He said contractors acquire insurance independently and on an ad-hoc basis, and this will naturally result in very high installments.

Meaning Of Ad-hoc

Most people ask that, “what is ad hoc basis”?. So, the ad-hoc is anything intended for a specific purpose. It could be anything such as an ad hoc solution, an ad hoc celebration, or an ad hoc committee. That’s why the phrase ad hoc basis is meant to add emphasis to the meaning of ad hoc. Which means, we’ll do this way, but only this time, and for this situation.

Many of you also often ask that, “why is it called ad-hoc?”. So, if you call an ad hoc meeting of your knitting buddies, that means the meeting was formed for one particular reason i.e. to knit. So, anything that it ad hoc is either done for one specific purpose, or in an impromptu, last-minute away. In the term ad hoc, the hoc generally stands for various purposes such as host organizing committee, homeownership center, head of the chancery, etc.

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