What Is Meaning Of Adulation? Find Out Meaning Of Adulation.

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Adulation Meaning & Definition

What Is Meaning Of Adulation?

The meaning of the term adulation is, excessive admiration or praise. The other words which can be synonymous with adulation are worship, respect, honor, exaltation, glorification, flattery, applause, homage, praise, glory, respect, etc.

In simpler words, you can also explain the meaning of adulation as very great admiration or praise for someone, especially when it is more than is deserved. The expression adulation is originally derived from the Latin word “adulation”, which means flattery.

You can also understand more clearly about adulation by making the use of the term in the sentences. For example, your strong desire for public adulation can become the single driving force in your life, she expressed disdain at the adulation the industry gives to beauty over talent, etc.

Most of the people often question that,  what is adulation for the white? So, the phrase” adulation for the white”, is a little racist. When you say, adulation it just simply means excessive admiration or praise towards a certain matter or person. But, when you say white, it is a racial classification mostly for people of European and American races.

The other words which can be antonymous to the expression adulation are criticism, abuse, contempt, insult, sarcasm, shame, hatred, angry speech, scorn, derision, reproof, rejection, disfavor, dishonor, etc.


What Is A Example Of Adulation?

very great admiration or praise for someone, especially when it is more than is deserved: As a born performer, she loves the excitement and she loves the adulation. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Praising and applauding. acclaim.

Is Adulation A Positive Word?

adulation is another word for praise
Adulation often has the negative connotations, present in the original Latin word, of servile flattery or fawning—perhaps inspired by wealth, celebrity, or power, rather than a more deserving accomplishment: He basked in the sycophantic adulation of his fans.

What Does Adulation Mean In Vocabulary?

Definitions of adulation. servile flattery; exaggerated and hypocritical praise. type of: flattery. excessive or insincere praise.

Where Does The Word Adulation Come From?

From French adulation, from Latin adulātio (“flattery”).

What Is The Difference Between Adulation And Praise?

Praise suggests admiring or approving words, usually for an accomplishment or virtue: a teacher generous with praise. Adulation suggests excessive praise or uncritical devotion, often by large numbers of people—the adulation of the masses kept her in power.

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