What Is Meaning Of Affectionate? Find Out Meaning Of Affectionate.

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Affectionate Meaning & Definition

What Is Meaning Of Affectionate?

The meaning of the term affectionate is, readily feeling or showing fondness or tenderness. In simpler words, you can also give the meaning of the word as to show feelings of liking or loving to someone else.

Some of the synonyms of the word affectionate can also be given as adoring, devoted, soft-centered, comforting, kindly, etc. While, some of the antonyms can also be stated as unfeeling, cold, hostile, unfriendly, harsh, distant, aloof, frigid, etc.

You can also understand the meaning of affectionate more clearly by making the use of the word in the sentences. For example, the vehemence of his temper was controlled by an affectionate disposition, he had a peculiar faculty for friendship and his friends always found him sympathetic and affectionate, Henry was an affectionate but a suspicious and close-handed father, etc.

Most of the people even frequently question that, what is physically affectionate? So, physical affection can be termed as anything from hand-holding to sex. It can also be defined as a physical touch between two people in a friendship or romantic relationship.

Most of the people even frequently question that, is kissing a form of affection? So generally, each and everything from holding hands to sex is affectionate. So, I guess you can also include the part of kissing in affectionate as well.

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Examples Of Using The Word Affectionate Are:

  1. His father and mother were very affectionate and I was closely associated with his family.
  2. His drag of the paintbrush across the canvas inspires other human feelings, like an affectionate touch.
  3. With an affectionate and admiring smile on his own face, he has written an unaffected biography of an unaffected great man.
  4. The beautiful and affectionate Birman cat is most commonly available in the seal point and blue point colors.
  5. We need to make that point-in a warm and affectionate way and in their language and idiom.
  6. From what I’ve read, both male and female Burmese of the traditional type is very affectionate, talkative and cuddly cats.
  7. My voice was so low and breathy it sounded more affectionate than was meant.
  8. She may like to deny it but she is vulnerable and can be tender and affectionate.
  9. You saw for the first time this evening that the Prince of Wales referred to his mother in a very affectionate way.
  10. Because of their affectionate and tactful nature, they are used for mounting and fellowship programs.


What Is The Meaning Of Affectionate Person?

adjective. If you are affectionate, you show your love or fondness for another person in the way that you behave towards them. They seemed devoted to each other and were openly affectionate. She gave me a very long and affectionate hug. Synonyms: fond, loving, kind, caring More Synonyms of affectionate.

What Is Affectionate Example?

Being affectionate is being warm, tender, and loving. A hug is an affectionate gesture. Affectionate words and actions show love, liking, or compassion. Kissing on the cheek, holding hands, and hugging are all affectionate.

Is Affectionate Romantic?

Being romantic is about expressing love and dedication in a way that’s intentional, unmistakable, and deeply affectionate. It often involves dramatic or passionate gestures, though smaller actions that indicate enduring affection can also be romantic.

Is Affectionate A Feeling?

“Affection” is popularly used to denote a feeling or type of love, amounting to more than goodwill or friendship. Writers on ethics generally use the word to refer to distinct states of feeling, both lasting and spasmodic.

Is Affection Same As Love?

True love has intimacy, passion and commitment in mind. On the other hand, in affection, there is a more noticeable tendency towards passion, the intense desire to be together with the other person, with a short commitment or in the middle of the process.

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