What Is The Meaning Of Abdicate? Find Out Meaning Of Abdicate.

Abdicate Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Abdicate?

What Is The Meaning Of Abdicate?

The Meaning Of Abdiacte In English,

The meaning of abdicate is to fail to fulfill or undertake a responsibility. The word abdicates can also be said to reject, renounce, avoid, refuse, drop, etc. In the case of abdicating, if the king or queen abdicates, they have to apply for a formal statement that he or she no longer wants to be with each other.

In simpler words abdicate can also be defined as to renounce or relinquish a throne, right, power, claim, responsibility, especially in a formal manner or voluntary public. Abdicate is derived from the term abdicable, abdicant, abdication, abdicator.

When someone gives up his throne of power and steps down from his or her position. Then that step is called as to abdicate their authority.

When the person leaves his authority or power and steps down from his or her position, then that person is known as the abdicated person. Abdications have also played various roles in the succession procedures of monarchies.

Previously historically it was observed that abdications used to occur in both ways forcefully as well as voluntarily. Some cultures view abdication as extreme neglect of duty, while in some societies abdication was a regular event, and helped to maintain stability during political succession.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Abdicate?

Synonyms Of Abdicate Are:

  • abandon
  • resign
  • renounce
  • relinquish
  • quit
  • give up

What Are The Antonyms Of Abdicate?

Antonyms Of Abdicate Are:

  • claim
  • quick visit
  • remain
  • assume
  • defend

What Are The Related Words Of Abdicate?

Related Words Of Abdicate Are:

  • retire
  • desert
  • drop
  • demit
  • yield

What Is The Noun Form Of Abdicate?

Noun Form Of Abdicate Is:

  • abdicator

What Is The Verb Form Of Abdicate?

Verb Form Of Abdicate Is:

  • abdicated
  • abdicating

What Is The Adjective Of Abdicate?

Adjective Of Abdicate Is:

  • abdicable


What Is An Example Of Abdicated?

He has abdicated his responsibilities and he should resign. About 20 years ago, the cricket authority abdicated its responsibility to young cricket players by producing wickets at county level that produced results.


Examples Of Using The Word Abdicate Are:

  1. There is no way for a citizen of a republic to abdicate his tasks.
  2. Hindenburg also utilized his major influence to convince Kaiser Wilhelm to abdicate and to go to Holland.
  3. If we abdicate our roles as adults, it will be media and squint that teach our kids.
  4. The government can pass the contradict to companies, and workers can abdicate all tasks.
  5. The devastating effects of World War first, combined with internal pressures, ignited the March 1917 uprising that led Tsar Nicholas II to abdicate the throne.
  6. A palace insider, however, persisted to the Daily Beast today that the Queen was not about to abdicate.
  7. This will be followed by a national ballot where the resolution must obtain a simple majority for the king to abdicate in favor of the successor.
  8. Though a king may abdicate for his own person, he cannot abdicate for the autocracy.
  9. In 1450, Jack Cade raised a rebellion to force Henry to address economic issues or abdicate his throne.
  10. Much like the British autocracy, when the current Aga Khan is ready to abdicate his post, he will personally choose an heir apparent.
  11. Juan Carlos is the second European sovereign to abdicate in just over a year.

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