What Is The Meaning Of Absence? Find Out Meaning Of Absence.

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Absence Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Absence?

What Is The Meaning Of Absence?

The Meaning Of Absence In English,

The meaning of absence can be defined as the state of being away from a place or person. In other words, the term absence can also be said as the non-existence or lack of someone. The word absence can also be replaced by other terms such as non-attendance, non-appearance, lack, deprivation, etc.

In other words, The terms “absence” can also be defined as the fact of not being where you are usually expected to be or can also be meant as the fact of not existing. The word absence is derived from Middle French absentee, from late Latin, absentia “cause to be away” from Latin absentia.

At the time when someone is not at work or at the place they are expected to be, it is considered as they are absent over there and that is called as the absence of someone. In simpler words, the word absence can also be defined as” to be not being present at the moment”.

Absence also has its meaning in the medical terms as “absence seizure”, where it means a seizure that takes the form of a staring spell. The absence seizure involves a brief loss of awareness, which can be accomplished by blinking or mouth twitching.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Absence?

Synonyms Of Absence Are:

  • lack
  • without
  • absent
  • free
  • failure
  • unless

What Are The Antonyms Of Absence?

Antonyms Of Absence Are:

  • presence
  • plenty
  • existence
  • attendance

What Are The Related Words Of Absence?

Related Words Of Absence Are:

  • lacking
  • need
  • deficiency
  • excluding
  • default

What Is The Noun Form Of Absence?

Noun Form Of Absence Is:

  • absence

What Is The Verb Form Of Absence?

Verb Form Of Absence Is:

  • absenting
  • absented

What Is The Adjective Of Absence?

Adjective Of Absence Is:

  • absent

Examples Of Using The Word Absence Are:

  1. Right now all he desired out of her was absence.
  2. In her brief absence, I explained how Howie wriggled and perverted while sleeping.
  3. He always questioned Betsy what instances he was missing by his absence.
  4. Evidently, something had been debated in her absence.
  5. His absence sucked the vitality from the room and she gazed down at the dishwater.
  6. In his absence, Julie amazed us once more by thanking us for referring Howie to a psychiatrist.
  7. In his absence, it was too heart jerking to even appear, knowing he was inaccessible and powerless to help.
  8. While I knew we were incapable to do anything positive in Howie’s absence, I nevertheless opened the site where Betsy pinpointed cases for our attention.
  9. I’m sure both of us would have rather had our conversation in Molly’s absence.
  10. Her beautiful eyes no longer glittered, and he was amazed to find he felt the absence of her hotness and liveliness.
  11. We were finding make work at the office increasingly tedious but I guessed our absence would create unwanted curiosity.
  12. Her father would observe her absence.
  13. His hand shifted to her hip, and he felt the absence of her heat to the bone.


Has Been Absent Meaning?

not in the place where you are expected to be, especially at school or work: John has been absent from school/work for three days now.

What Does It Mean To Be In The Absence Of?

in the absence of someone or something. while someone or something isn’t here; without someone or something. In the absence of the cook, I’ll prepare dinner. In the absence of opposition, she won easily. See also: absence, of.

What’s Another Word For Your Absence?

Some common synonyms of absent are absentminded, abstracted, distracted, and preoccupied.

What Does Absence Mean At Work?

Not to be confused with paid time off (PTO) and vacation time, a leave of absence is a way for employees who are experiencing out-of-the-ordinary circumstances to take time off work. Common reasons are childbirth, adoption, caring for an ill family member, serious health conditions or military leave.

Is It Absence Or Absense?

There’s only one correct spelling – and it’s absence.

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