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What Is The Meaning Of Acquired? Find Out Meaning Of Acquired.

by Altaf Shaikh

What Is The Meaning Of Acquired?

What Is The Meaning Of Acquired?

The meaning of the term acquired is, to buy or obtain something for oneself. The term acquired can also be synonymous to other words such as obtain, get, receive, gain, earn, win, etc. In a simpler definition, we can also explain the term acquired as, to obtain or begin to have something.

The term acquired also has its various abbreviated forms such as acquired taste, acquired characteristics, acquired knowledge, etc. You can study all the abbreviated forms of the term acquired as given below:

Acquired Taste: The explanation of term acquired taste is, it is an admiration for something doubtfully to be enjoyed by a person who has not had considerable exposure to it.

Acquired Characteristics: The definition of the term acquired characteristic is that it is a non-heritable change in a function or structure of a living biotic material caused after birth by disease, wound, accident, conscious moderation, variation, repeated use, disuse, or misuse, or any other environmental influences.

Acquired Knowledge: The term acquired knowledge can be defined as it is the key to acquire small chunks of knowledge and then apply them in different ways.
To acquire something in your life gives you great pleasure, as it has all your efforts carrying behind achieving or acquiring success.

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Examples Of Using The Word Acquire Are:

  1. The requirement to acquire or manufacture extra landing craft for the enlarged operation meant that the invasion had to be detained to June.
  2. He would later win the school English prize and the school reading award, authorizing him to finally acquire the third volume.
  3. Schools became more numerous during the Empire and enlarged the opportunities for children to acquire an education.
  4. In such an occurrence, even some more distant cousins could acquire the land, though they gained less than closer kin.
  5. It had no funds to acquire the property, and public fund-raising was undertaken and contributed to the council.
  6. It causes manufacture to chase paths which it would not follow unless the economy were to acquire an increase in stuff goods.
  7. Having reached success in the Cardiff region, they decided to spend some time traveling around Ireland, to acquire a wider musical experience.
  8. The low height of the radar mast makes it strenuous to acquire and lock onto a target while keeping a safe distance.
  9. The beneficiary can then acquire the almanac and examine the satellites it should listen for.
  10. On 26 February 2014, it was reported that Stena Line would acquire the Celtic Link ferry favor from Rosslare to Cherbourg, France.


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