What Is The Meaning Of Affable? Find Out Meaning Of Affable.

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Affable Meaning & Definition

What Is The Meaning Of Affable?

The meaning of the term affable can be defined as, someone who is friendly, good-natured, or easy to talk to. You can also say that someone who is affable is pleasant and friendly. In simpler words, affable can be defined as being pleasant and at ease in talking to others.

Some other words which can be replaced by the term affable can also be stated as friendly, cordial, good-natured, sociable, communicative, uninhibited, relaxed, natural, etc. While, some of the antonyms can also be stated as prickly, unfriendly, disagreeable, cold, surly, uncivil, irritable, unhappy, perverse, lofty, etc.

You can also understand more clearly the meaning of affable by making the use of the word in the sentence. Some of the examples can also be stated as, the affable guy at the opening, an affable fellow with, they are so open and so affable, the governor was a brisk little man very simple and affable, etc.

It would be more amazing for you all to know that the term affable originally comes from the Latin “affabilis”, which comes from the fari relative “affair”, which means to speak to, plus-abilis, which means able. Whereas, the fate comes from the Latin word fatum, meaning “what has been spoken and deriving from fatus, a past participle of “fari”.

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Examples Of Using The Word Affable Are:

  1. Many years ago a very affable councilor contacted me to write an election leaflet for him.
  2. Everyone appeared very pleasant and affable and there wasn’t too much in the manner of pontificating.
  3. I know the Irish were consistently keen on the notion of themselves as affable, sociable sorts.
  4. Listen to their worries, Mr. President, and be your affable, delightful self.
  5. These notions are suggested in this affable portrait by the angelic baby acquisitive a toy rattle while being carefully held by its mother.
  6. Publicly affable, his home life appears to have taken the impact of his drive and dreams.
  7. He is as affable and loquacious as any good legislator, but also shows an authentic interest in others and what they have to say.
  8. It is hard to come to terms with the fact that his affable existence will be no more.
  9. A blood orange mojito is fresh tasting and herbal, and the spatter of acidity makes it an affable partner to the food.
  10. Underneath this athletic, apparently outgoing and affable middle-aged man is a petrified soul ruled by a require for validation from others.


What Is An Example Of Affable?

friendly and easy to talk to: He struck me as an affable sort of a man. She was quite affable at the meeting. friendlyI like his sister – she’s so friendly.

How Do You Use Affability In A Sentence?

Her decisiveness and affability were valuable assets. The actor uses his affability to his advantage without ever overplaying it. She dazzled the guests with a splendid display of charm and affability.

What Is The Synonym Of Affable?

Some common synonyms of affable are cordial, genial, gracious, and sociable.

What’s The Opposite Word Of Affable?

1 unfriendly, unsociable, unapproachable, inaccessible, distant, standoffish.

What Is A Affable Man?

Someone who is affable is pleasant and friendly. Mr. Brooke is an extremely affable and approachable man. Synonyms: friendly, kindly, civil, warm More Synonyms of affable.

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