What Is The Meaning Of Affect? Find Out Meaning Of Affect.

What Is The Meaning Of Affect

What Is The Meaning Of Affect?

The meaning of the term affect is, to have an effect on or to make a difference. In other words, you can also define affect as to touch the feelings of or to move emotionally. In simpler words, you can also state the meaning of affect as to have an influence on someone or something, or to cause a change in someone or something.

Some of the other words which can be synonymous with the term affect can also be given as influence, touch, condition, attack, infect, upset, trouble, damage, hurt, agitate, etc. While the antonyms can also be given as upset, devastate, damage, perturb, stir, etc.

You can also understand more clearly the meaning of affect by making the use of the term in the sentence. Some of the examples can be stated as, I pulled out a pad and pencil for affect, it wasn’t possible that it could affect their life together, it would be nice if I could make the decisions that affect my future for once, etc.

The word affect has been originally derived from Middle English affecten, from Latin affectare, from Latin affectus, the participle stem of Latin afficere, which means to act upon, influence, affect, attack with the disease.

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Examples Of Using The Word Affect Are:

  1. Fusion, or the adding of the new way into another, has continued to affect blocking.
  2. As with all coastlines, this increase in water levels is forecasted to negatively affect salt marshes, by flooding and abrading them.
  3. Noise levels from working wind turbines are low and unlikely to affect porpoises, even at close range.
  4. Contamination may affect a human, a place, an animal, or an object such as cloths.
  5. Dry spells affect water supply in Southern Spain, which rising is turning towards seawater desalting to meet its water requirements.
  6. This energy is dispersed around the globe by winds, ocean currents, and other mechanisms to affect the climates of distinct areas.
  7. Changes in the chief productivity of autotrophs in the oceans can affect marine food webs.
  8. Atmospheric force, ocean currents and district ocean temperature transformations can affect LMSL as well.
  9. However, all these consequences are localized and do not affect the complete estuary or bay.
  10. Though the problem is most notable with regard to grizzlies, these problems affect the other types of brown bears as well.
  11. Future climate change is expected to affect specific ecosystems, involving tundra, mangroves, coral reefs, and caves.

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