What Is The Meaning Of Haze? Find Out The Meaning Of Haze.

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Haze Meaning & Definition

What Is The Meaning Of Haze?

What Is The Meaning Of Haze?

The word haze as a noun refers to a slight obscuration of the lower atmosphere, which is typically caused by fine suspended particles or a state of mental confusion, whereas haze as a verb refers to obscure with a haze. Ideally in simple terms haze means water, smoke, or dust or Atmospheric moisture in the air by which it difficult to see clearly. There is an opalescent appearance in the atmosphere due to widely dispersed, solid or liquid particles, or both. Therefore, haze is:

  • Atmospheric moisture
  • Dust
  • Smoke
  • Vapor
  • diminishes visibility
  • partially opaque covering
  • Light vapor or smoke in the air
  • fine solid particles like smoke, dust or liquid droplets or moisture

Synonyms of the word Haze:

  • mist
  • fog
  • cloud
  • smog
  • cloudiness
  • mistiness
  • fogginess
  • smokiness
  • vapor
  • steam
  • blur
  • daze
  • confusion
  • vagueness
  • muddle
  • befuddlement

Antonyms of the word Haze:

  • alertness
  • levelheadedness
  • clearness
  • brilliance
  • transparency
  • luminance
  • shine
  • luminosity
  • splendor
  • luminousness
  • sheen
  • splendor
  • refulgence
  • eclat
  • glossiness
  • resplendence
  • radiance
  • effulgence
  • irradiation
  • inflammation
  • flashing
  • Nimbus

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Examples Of Using The Word Haze Are:

  1. I was not even sad in the haze of a tipsy hour but paradise realizes very well I’m morose now!
  2. Each day the heat haze twinkled in the distance, contorting the pathway of the road.
  3. But, in the haze and visual undecidable of Lyons’ St Albans facades, possibly some remnants of both these lost ideas also flutter.
  4. So, in short, the sort of day you might reasonably aspiration would end in a pleasant, beery haze.
  5. The setting sun set the haze glowing like icy blood, and Rupert gave a tremble.
  6. The moon was now descending beyond the mountain range while the sun rose up to shatter through the morning haze.
  7. Bathed in a multi-colored haze in the middle distance, they stand watch and wait their turn.
  8. The purple haze closed at once as if a light switch had been turned off.
  9. A blue haze was cast over the world as the last moonbeam penetrated the skies.
  10. Finally, their lips deranged and for a moment, Tyler found himself in a haze.
  11. Camera effects like blooming, lens flare, heat shatter, light rays, depth of field, and haze produce TV-quality presentation.
  12. A few spots of cloud were on the blue morning sky, with light haze below.


What Is An Example Of Haze?

something such as heat or smoke in the air that makes it less clear, so that it is difficult to see well: The road through the desert shimmered in the haze. I saw her through a haze of cigarette smoke.

What Is The Meaning Of Hazr?

nonsense or frivolous talk, loquacity, raving, garrulity, delirium.

Does Haze Cause Rain?

Although haze is mostly a dry air phenomenon, some of its particles tend to create condensation, subsequently giving form to mist droplets. This phenomenon is known as wet haze, or visibility-reducing aerosols of the wet type.

What Does The Word Briley Mean?

Briley could be the anglicized form of the Irish surname “Ó Brolaigh,” meaning “descendant of Brolach.” Briley is also a rare English surname, stemming from the place name Brilley in Herefordshire.

What Is Haze Slang Drug?

Haze, Skunk. Steroids (Anabolic) Brands: Oxandrin, Anadrol, Depotestosterone. Juice, Gym Candy, Pumpers, Roids. Popular Drug Slang.

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