What Is the Meaning Of Lesion? Find Out Meaning Of Lesion.

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Lesion Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Lesion?

What Is The Meaning Of Lesion?

The Meaning Of Lesion In English,

The meaning of lesion refers to an abnormal change in the structure of an organ or part due to injury or disease or lesion is any damage or abnormal change in the tissue of an organism. The meaning of lesion also refers to an area of inflammation in a tissue that suffered trauma or the impact of chronic illness.

The lesion involves an abnormal structural change to a tissue that can be defined as a site of abnormal tissue change. We can identify lesion by the visual patterns created by them. They could be identified by x rays, biopsies, MRI, blood analysis tests, and neurologic or physical exams.

Types of Lesion:

  • Skin Lesions
  • Brain Lesions
  • Inner Organ Lesions

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What Are The Synonyms Of Lesions?

Synonyms Of Lesions Are:

  • wound
  • hurt
  • damage
  • bruise
  • cut
  • laceration
  • injury

What Are The Antonyms Of Lesions?

Antonyms Of Lesions Are:

  • perks
  • privilege

What Are The Related Words Of Lesions?

Related Words Of Lesions Are:

  • scrape
  • scratch
  • trauma
  • stab
  • sore
  • ulcer

What Is The Noun Form Of Lesions?

Noun Form Of Lesions Is:

  • lesion
  • lesions

What Is The Verb Form Of Lesions?

Verb Form Of Lesions Is:

  • lesion

What Is The Adjective Of Lesions?

Adjective Of Lesions Is:

  • lesioned

Examples Of Using The Word Lesion Are:

  1. A retroperitoneal lesion was anatomized which seemed to be an abnormally large tail of the pancreas.
  2. The area of the lesion is introduced with a blue dye and radioisotope tracer.
  3. This lesion was hemorrhagic and encircled by edematous tissue with greenish discoloration.
  4. The differential diagnosis of a cavitary lung lesion involves neoplasm, infection, and septic embolus.
  5. The cap acts as a security barrier between circulating blood and the thrombogenic, procoagulant contents of the lesion.
  6. Surgery is most usually performed for mesial temporal lobe epilepsy, frontal lobe epilepsy, and epilepsy secondary to a lesion.
  7. It was felt the likely cause of the abscess was an open lesion from the patient’s acute eczema.
  8. Patients with surface alexia commonly have a lesion in the temporoparietal area of the left hemisphere.
  9. Meniscal wounds were cured arthroscopically by rasping, suturing, or partial meniscectomy, accordingly with the size and pinpoint of the lesion.
  10. Finally, a naso-orbital lesion would appear through a defect between the frontal and the lacrimal bones.
  11. However, the vascular wall was entire without any aneurysmal dilation or communication with the hemorrhagic cystic lesion.
  12. This faulty recovery of DNA replication proposes an inability to coordinate lesion bypass or to start new replicons.


Is Lesion A Tumor?

A lesion describes any area of damaged tissue. All tumors are lesions, but not all lesions are tumors.

Does Lesion Mean Cancer?

The word “lesion” is a Latin word for “injury.” In medical parlance, it means pretty much anything that is abnormal. While it is true that doctors will use the term “lesion” to describe something that will later turn out to be cancer, “lesions” definitely are not always cancer.

Can Lesions Be Treated?

If needed, benign skin lesions can get local treatment with topical medications, such as retinoids, corticosteroids, or antimicrobial agents, as well as laser therapy, cryotherapy, phototherapy, or surgical removal. If the skin lesion is caused by a systemic disease, treatment may also address the underlying cause.

What Is A Lesion On A Scan?

A brain lesion is an abnormality seen on a brain-imaging test, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computerized tomography (CT). On CT or MRI scans, brain lesions appear as dark or light spots that don’t look like normal brain tissue.

What Is A Cancerous Lesion?

Malignant lesions, more commonly referred to as cancer, are lesions which may form and develop in the bone but have the capacity to spread to other areas of the body and continue to grow. For bone cancers, this most commonly occurs to the lungs, where growth can lead to difficulty breathing and ultimately prove fatal.

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