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What Is The Meaning Of Abigail? Find Out Meaning Of Abigail.

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Meaning Of Abigail

Find The Meaning Of Abigail?

What Is The Meaning Of Abigail?

The Meaning Of Abigail In English,

The term Abigail means a lady’s maid. Abigail is also a female given name. This name comes from the Hebrew name Avigail which means “my father joy”. It is also the last name of some families.

Abigail was the name of King David’s wife in the Hebrew Bible and is described as an intelligent, beautiful, loyal woman. The name can also be spelled as Abigale or Abigail. It can also be shortened to “Abby”, “Abbey”, “Abbi”, “Abbie’, “Abbe”, ‘Abi”, “Abbye”, “Abs”, or “Aby”, as well as “Gail’ or “Gayle”.

meaning of abigail

In many movies as well as T.V shows too there is the use of name Abigail. For example, Princess Abigail, the haughty daughter of King Midas on the T.V. show, once upon a time or dark priest Abigail, in the bastard, which is a Japanese manga/ anime series.

There are also various people with there surname as Abigail such as Francis Abigail (Australian politician), Peter Abigail (Australian army officer) or Robert Abigail, etc. The people with the given name Abigail can also be listed as Abigail Breslin(American child actress), Abigail Cruttenden (English Television Actress) or Abigail and Brittany Hensel (American Joined Twins), etc.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Abigail?

Synonyms Of Abigail Are:

  • girl
  • avigal
  • handmaiden
  • analyzed
  • fairly savagely

Synonyms Of Abigail

What Are The Antonyms Of Abigail?

Antonyms Of Abigail Are:

  • Not Available The Antonyms Of Abigail.

What Are The Related Words Of Abigail?

Related Words Of Abigail Are:

  • bridesmaid
  • runner up
  • maid of honor
  • chambermaid
  • Abigail gabble

Related Words Of Abigail

What Is The Noun Form Of Abigail?

Noun Form Of Abigail Is:

  • Abigail

What Is The Verb Form Of Abigail?

Verb Form Of Abigail Is:

  • Not Available The Verb Form Of Abigail.

What Is The Adjective Of Abigail?

Adjective Of Abigail Is:

  • Not Available The Adjective Of Abigail.

Examples Of Using The Word Abigail Are:

  1. He attempted the stables for 133 horses, the kennels for 144 hounds, the attics for 144 Abigail or footmen.
  2. His mother, Abigail Hussey, whom the poet strongly favored, was of good stock.
  3. Ophelia Jensen’s good witch granny Abigail revels in her abnormal powers.
  4. We would utilize some folded muslin to stop Abigail’s head from moving side to side on such trips.
  5. Abigail rode her donkey and came down toward the mountain George.
  6. Adolescent daughter Abigail is giving a party at which her mother would be less than welcome.
  7. Instead, we meet six very distinct adults, involving Abigail’s mom Sue, who have gathered for a suburban soiree.
  8. Abigail knew she couldn’t get everything she wanted for her birthday, so she was assembled to make a small trade-off to get the biggest gift.
  9. The Abigail Hotel is a boutique hotel pinpointed at 246 McAllister Street.
  10. There are two methods to book a room at the Abigail Hotel San Francisco.
  11. John Adams, second President of the United States, wrote over 2000 love letters to his wife Abigail.
  12. The Essentials, Jr. It is presently hosted by child actress Abigail Breslin, along with Chris O’Donnell.

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